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Premium Wyoming- Montana Outfitter

At Our Premium Wyoming / Tri-State Outfitter outfitting is their full time business and their only business. They are a small family run business. We invite you to come and join us for the ultimate western wilderness hunt.   

Our Tri-State Outfitter has a variety of options, listed below are the details:  They can tailor hunts to what you are interested in. They were founded by hunters for hunters with the belief that each hunt should be a “ quality “ experience, to be remembered long after the trophy mounts have been hung on the wall. We strive to make each hunt a totally satisfying experience, so much so that the only easing of pain as the hunt ends is the knowledge that next year’s hunt has already started counting down. 

Our hunts are 100% fair chase, with no game fences or guaranteed kill situations. The only guarantee we do make, is that we will do everything possible to make your hunt a success, and an experience you will want to enjoy again and again. 

Our guides are professionals who have put in countless hours over the years to achieve the level of success in the field they currently enjoy. They give 110% to ensure that you have the hunt of your dreams! 

We offer top quality hunts for Trophy Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, and Merriam Turkeys, all at a very affordable cost to you. We have some of the best guides in the business, who take a personal interest in your hunt, and will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. We want to make your hunt one that you will not forget and will cherish the memories forever. 

Mule Deer & Whitetail hunts 

Deer hunts are 3, 4, or 6 day hunts and can be combined in a number of ways, ranging from a 2 state 2 buck deer hunt in both Wyoming and Montana, to deer and antelope / deer, or antelope and Merriam’s turkeys. These hunts are conducted from our lodge, in North-east Wyoming, Western South Dakota, and South-east Montana. 

We carefully select our ranches for both quality & quantity of game, and for those willing to wait and work hard, real trophies are there to be had. Additionally, in the region we hunt in November, our hunters not only get to hunt the rut, but also have the opportunity to harvest either a Mule deer or Whitetail deer with quality bucks of either species can be found in large numbers. 

All hunts are 2 hunters per guide unless booked as 1 on 1 at an extra charge. Additional doe / fawn licenses may be filled at an extra charge. A charge of $250.00 will be collected at hunt site for airport transportation and $95.00 for meat processing. 

A 50% deposit is required to book, the hunt is booked only when the deposit is received. Deposits are refundable only if Not selected for licenses. Balance is due prior to the start of the hunt, payable in cash, cashier’s check, or travelers checks. (No personal checks are accepted at the hunt site). 


Deer Hunts

3 Day 1 Buck Hunt  $3,975

4 Day 1 Buck Hunt $4,650

6 Day 2 Buck/2 State Hunt $7,400


Deer Bow Hunts

5 Day White Tail $3,900

7 Day White Tail $4,600


Mule Deer 1X1 5 Day $4,650


Antelope Hunts

3 Day 1 Buck Hunt $2,400

4 Day 1 Buck Hunt $2,800

5 Day 1 Buck Hunt $4,250


Antelope Bow Hunt

5 Day $2,600

6 Day $3,100


Turkey Hunts

2 Day 1 Bird $885

3 Day 1 Bird $1,250

3 Day 2 Bird $1,750


Combination Hunt

5 Day Deer/1 Antelope $5,850

Antelope hunts are 3 or 5 day hunts, or 5 or 7 days hunts combined with deer. These hunts are conducted in both Wyoming and Montana. In Wyoming we hunt in the Northeast corner near the town of Colony, and in Montana, we hunt the 700 region in the southeast corner around the town of Alzada. These hunts are generally the easiest physically, and are excellent for the first time western hunter, with large numbers of game seen, and success rates running between 95 and 100% on bucks averaging over 14”.  

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