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Premium Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitter

At Our Premium Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitter they have been outfitting three years and their passion is to help many local farmers control the crop damage from wild hogs. That passion is turning into a full time business and one that our clients truly enjoy! They are a small family run business. We invite you to come and join us for the ultimate Hog Hunting Adventure.   

They offer Hog hunting on over 25,000 acres of private land that is protein rich and excellent crop production properties. This is an outdoor experience that will leave you wanting to come back time after time. 

We are located in Cuthbert, (South) Georgia, approximately two hours south of the Atlanta airport for those of you flying in.  

The hunting is typically night hunting, and is $400 per person per night. This includes a guide for hog hunting with your group, Lodging, a home cooked lunch and dinner, the use of semi-auto guns equipped with thermal imaging pulsar scopes, in a 223 caliber, ammunition, ideally up to four hunters is best.  

A typical night consists of hunting from dark until you feel you are done with no specified time limit, we may hunt all night if conditions are good!  

You’ll be hunting on one farm while another guide is already scouting the next farm, which allows for preplanning at its best, and when the scouting guide calls and says there are more on another farm, once you can finish on your current farm you already know you’re headed towards more hogs! 

We have hogs up to 300 pounds, while a 300 pound hog is less common they are here, and it’s not uncommon to shoot several in a night with some being 200 pounds and plenty of good eaters too!

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