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Premium Kamchatka Russia - Brown Bear 

Our World ClassKamchatka Russia Outfitter, outfitting is their full-time business and if you are looking for true Monster Brown Bearyou have found the right opportunity! They have been guiding over 15 yearsthey are professional huntersand work with us on World class Moose and Snow Sheep as well! 

Kamchatka is a large peninsula at the edge of eastern Russia, saturated with active volcanoes, and ethnically diverse with the still living tribes of Koryaks, Chukchcha and Ewenks. Thanks to the isolation caused by strategic reasons, the Kamchatka area was completely inaccessible to most people, so it is unspoiled by civilization, you can tangibly touch the primeval, virgin nature there, you can see taiga full of wild animals, raw tundra and rivers and streams full of salmon.  

Our hunting grounds stretch in the central and southern part of the country and while Kamchatka itself is a natural wonder, our grounds are a paradise for hunters. It is in our area that you can get wonderful and not repetitive brown bear trophies, whose monstrous size arouses admiration, huge skins exceed 10 feet and the record-breaking bear skull was valued at 29 13/16 SCI.  

Huge specimens of moose trophies can successfully compete with the Yukon trophies. Record Moose antlers from our area exceeded 650 points SCI. 

In this wonderful hunting ground, our customers are conquering the captivating horns of kamchat sheep rams and skins of wolves, lynxes and wolverines. We assure you that the expedition to Kamchatka is a journey to one of the few places in the world not dominated by man. Here nature still rules. 

Finally, I would like to quote a great Pole, a researcher of Siberia and Kamchatka, Benedykt Dybowski, who recalls his stay in Kamchatka and the cordiality of its inhabitants: 

"Kamchadla's hospitality is cordial and selfless; they say that a Kamchadal gives his guests everything he has, including his heart. Care for the guest, service, willingness to guess his every need and thought - these are their qualities".  


Spring Bear Hunts

5 Days of hunting, once at the lodge it includes meals, Lodging, licenseGuide service, an interpreter, Caping, skinning and trophy preparation. You do not bring your gun, they have top grade guns with scopes, and ammo. This keeps us hunting and not chasing very extensive paperwork and process’s that can certainly slow down your entire trip. 

Pricing is $2,000 to lock-in dates, Guaranteed Harvest of a Brown Bear typically nine foot or larger-$13,000 in May to be paid only upon harvest which includes Helicopter cost. When done in March / April on snowmobile the Harvest fee is $11,000.


Fall Moose Hunts - 7 Day Hunt

7 Days of hunting, once at the lodge it includes meals, Lodging, license, Guide service, an interpreter, Caping, skinning and trophy preparation. You do not bring your gun, they have top grade guns with scopes, and ammo. This keeps us hunting and not chasing very extensive paperwork and process’s that can certainly slow down your entire trip. 

Pricing is $2,000 to lock-in dates, 100% success-guaranteed harvest of a Bull Moose - typically 55 inches or larger - $11,000 to be paid only upon harvestplus an additional $4,000-$6,000 helicopter charge.

Moose Brown Bear Combo Hunt - Fall 10 Day Hunt

100% Success - $19,000 to be paid only upon harvest, plus an additional $4,000-$6,000 helicopter charge.


Brown Bear Only - Fall 7 Day Hunt

100% Success - Typically 9 ft or larger, costs $11,000 which is to be paid only upon harvest, plus an additional $4,000-$6,000 helicopter charge.


Please contact Frank at International Trophy Outfitters if you are interested in booking this Incredible hunt or a Combination hunt for Moose and / or Snow Sheep. 

What is not included: Tip, Hotel & meals in Moscow and traveling to and from the hunting lodge which is typically 2-3 hotel nights. You will be met in Moscow by your interpreter and he will fly from Moscow on your commercial flight into Petrozavodsk which is approx. a nine-hour flight from Moscow. From there it is approx. 6 hours by truck to the camp. 

At International Trophy Outfitters, your Safety is the single most important part of what we do, and our outfitter is flying the best quality, best maintained Helicopters offering a reliable and safe hunt, as this is a helicopter assisted hunt, where you fly to locate trophy animals and then put the stalk on once your guide and you feel it’s the right situation. On our spring hunts the cost of the helicopter is figured into the cost that you pay on this hunt, which is different than our combo hunts for Moose & Brown Bear, or Moose & Snow Sheep, or Snow Sheep & Brown Bear. 

There are certain dates one of our team at International Trophy Outfitters will be on a hunt, if spots are available you are certainly welcome to share a hunt with one of our owners or Pro-Staff. 


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