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At Our Premium New Mexico Outfitter, outfitting is their full time business and their only business. They are a small family run business. We invite you to come and join us for the ultimate Fair chase hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Antelope, and Bear. 

Our Outfitter is a third generation native. He has lived and hunted in New Mexico all his life. He has been outfitting big game hunts since 1980. Prior to that, he was a professional trapper and lion hunter. He ran hundreds of miles of trap line annually producing some of the largest fur catches in the state. At the same time I was gaining vast amounts of knowledge of New Mexico's wild places and the animals that inhabit them.

Since the beginning, he has tried to focus on taking the largest animals available anywhere. He is simply the best and will consistently produce anywhere. They hire only the best guides who have been hand selected by me. So if you are looking for a fair chase hunt with probably the best guide you have ever hunted with, this is the place. Outfitting big game hunts is all they do. Their reputation is based on production, hunter satisfaction, and above all else, honesty.

All public land tags for elk, deer antelope, ibex, sheep, and Oryx in New Mexico and Arizona are allocated on a drawing basis. We handle all application procedures for our clients free of charge. Complete the enclosed form and return it to us with the appropriate license fee via check made to the appropriate Game and Fish department or Visa / Mastercard number.

This form may be copied for multiple hunters. Up to four hunters may be on one application. Be sure to select the particular hunt you would like. The deadline to apply is approximately mid -April in New Mexico and mid-February in Arizona.

Bear and lion licenses are sold over the counter and must be purchased 48 hours prior to hunting. Bison are on private land and no state license is required.

In New Mexico only, landowner permits may be purchased for elk, antelope, and Oryx. This is simply a means of getting around the drawing. However, you must still purchase a New Mexico State license. In order to secure a permit, we require a 50% deposit. The price of these permits fluctuate, from year to year and trophy size potential. 

Elk Rifle from $5,500-$6500

Archery and Muzzleloader elk from $5250-$7400

Antelope from $2500-$7500

Oryx $2500

On drawing hunts, we do not require a deposit until a license has been drawn. At that point, we require a 50% deposit with the balance due 30 days prior to arrival. All other hunts, we require a 50% deposit upon booking with the balance due 30 days prior to arrival. 

Our elk hunts take place in the highly acclaimed Gila of Southwestern New Mexico and surrounding areas of New Mexico and Arizona. Our 30 plus years of experience in these areas coupled with the exceptional genetics have enabled our clients to consistently enjoy success rates second to none on world class bulls. Most of the terrain we hunt is not extremely steep even though elevations range from 6000-9000 feet.

Our rifle hunts also begin in early October and run through early December. These hunts are five days. Our rifle hunters have enjoyed an average of 69% success rate with 80% shooting opportunity. Stand hunting is not near as effective on rifle hunts, requiring more physical ability from the hunter. Horses and mules may sometimes be used. In some cases, the shooting can be across deep canyons at fairly long distances. For this reason, we recommend large caliber long distance rifles such as a 300 mag. etc.

Archery elk begins September 1 and runs through September 24. We offer 6 and 9 day hunts. We have consistently enjoyed an average of 39% success rate with 81% shooting opportunity on mature bulls. Approximately 75% of the bulls harvested have qualified for the P&Y record book. Our hunting methods include spot and stalk, calling, stands over water, wallows and other proven techniques implemented by truly the best guides in the business. Most shooting is from 20-35 yards. We do not encourage shooting beyond 40 yards, but this may vary with individual hunter capabilities.

Muzzleloader elk hunts begin in early October and run through late November. These are five day hunts. Most of our muzzleloader hunts take place in primitive weapon only areas that haven't been rifle hunted in some 30 years. Our muzzleloader hunters have enjoyed an average of 53% success rate with 84% shooting opportunity. On the earlier hunts, hunters can expect bugling bulls. At this time, we rely heavily on calling and what we refer to as “chasing bugles”. During the later hunts, the bulls have moved into bachelor groups into their winter range which make spot and stalk hunting methods effective. Stand hunting over water is also effective depending on weather conditions. The modern muzzleloaders of today have increased the distance of these guns considerably. New Mexico and Arizona do not have any restrictions on muzzleloaders.

  • 5 day Muzzleloader and Rifle - 2x1 is $5500 plus New Mexico Sales Tax
  • 5 day Muzzleloader and Rifle - 1x1 is $6500 plus New Mexico Sales Tax
  • 9 day Archery - 1x1 is $7,400 plus New Mexico Sales Tax
  • 9 day Archery - 2x1 is $6,250 plus New Mexico Sales Tax
  • 6 day Archery - 1x1 is $6,100 plus New Mexico Sales Tax
  • 6 day Archery - 2x1 $5,250 plus New Mexico Sales Tax


The guide ratio on all elk hunts are one guide per two hunters unless a one guide per one hunter is purchased for an additional rate of $200 a day for firearms and $150 a day for archery.

Our Mule Deer Hunts

We offer five day hunts in the mountains of Northwest New Mexico in Rio Arriba County as well as the mountains of Southwest New Mexico known as the Gila. Both of these areas are world famous for producing large heavy horned rocky mountain mule deer. Over the years, we have developed several different methods for consistently putting these large bucks in front of our hunters. Drawing for deer tags in New Mexico has the population on the increase. These hunts may sometimes be conducted from horseback allowing the hunter to cover more of this open country while minimizing physical effort. We have consistently produced an average success rate of nearly 70% on top end bucks. The guide ratio on deer hunts is one guide per two hunters unless a one guide with one hunter is purchased for an additional rate of $150.00 a day.


5 Day Hunt - $5,000…… 2 on 1, $6,000 1 on 1 

We offer some of the finest trophy antelope hunting available anywhere. The southwest produces pronghorn of superior trophy quality. We consistently enjoy 95-100% success. These prairie speedsters can sometimes be difficult to hit. However, no trophy room is complete without one.


Our muzzleloader hunt is a four day hunt in mid- August in north central New Mexico. Hunters can expect to see and possibly harvest a Boone and Crockett head. This hunt is offered on a drawing basis with landowner permits available if unsuccessful in the drawing

Rates: $3,500


This two day hunt takes place the first weekend in October. We hunt some of the best trophy producing ranches in the southwest consistently producing 15” to 19” bucks with heavy mass and huge cutters. These hunts are on a landowner permit basis only, which are hand selected for superior quality. This hunt normally produces several Boone and Crockett heads per year. We have produced 14 bucks net scoring at least 86 Boone and Crockett points.

Rates: $7,500.


This two day hunt takes place the last weekend in August. We strongly recommend this hunt for beginning hunters as well as family groups. This hunt consistently produces 13" to 16" antelope. This hunt is also sold on a guaranteed tag basis.

Rates: $4,500.

Big Horn sheep tags in New Mexico and Arizona are extremely difficult to draw, and the Governor’s permit is extremely expensive to purchase. However, the quality of our sheep herd is excellent and improving every year.

Application procedures and deadlines are the same as for elk. These animals inhabit some of the roughest terrain at elevations from 1,000 to 13,000 feet.

We have a reputation for producing large rams from the floor of the Sonoran desert in Old Mexico to the alpine peaks of Northern New Mexico.

We believe scouting is the key to harvesting these large rams.

Rates: $5500-(Bighorn Sheep)

The mountain lion is a magnificent trophy, but an extremely elusive animal, requiring the aid of well-trained hounds. We hunt afoot, horseback, from four-wheel drives and snowmobiles, depending upon weather conditions. Fresh snow is always welcomed, but not absolutely necessary. We catch several lions each year on bare ground.

The New Mexico season runs October through April. We try to harvest only mature toms. The big toms are the trophies. During the past 30 years we have earned a reputation as one of the top producers of mountain lions in New Mexico. Our success rate runs in excess of 80 percent -- every year. All of our lion hunts are ten- day hunts, unless an ON-CALL hunt has been arranged. Lion hunts can be combined with bobcat, and Black Bear. Licenses are purchased over the counter

10 days $6000. Bobcat when combined with Lion add $550- $6550

 If you specify Tom only $7,000 ON Call, for Mountain Lion and $7,500 for combo w/ Bobcat.


The bobcat is also hunted with hounds through the winter months. There is no limit on bobcats, and many hunters have the opportunity to TAKE MORE THAN ONE. This hunt, combined with lion, makes for a wonderful winter hunting experience.

In New Mexico we hunt the black bear species. They vary in color from jet-black to blond, with cinnamon and brown phases also being quite common. Most of our bear hunting is done from horseback behind hard-driving hounds. We also hunt from the truck with strike dogs on top of the box. Stand hunting can also be productive in the right situation, and is sometimes selected for hunters who are not up to the rigors of hound hunting. The area we hunt in New Mexico is well known for producing large bears. We have taken many bears with skulls measuring more than 20 inches. We have consistently produced 80 percent success rates on these hunts.

We offer a five-day fall hunt; normally scheduled August through November.

Bear hunts can be combined with a variety of other species including lion, antelope, elk and deer. Licenses are purchased over the counter.

5 day bear hunt- $4000

Oryx & Ibex-These exotic species were introduced to New Mexico over 30 years ago. The Oryx are on the White Sands Missile Range, - and surrounding private ranches. The Ibex are in the Florida Mountains of Southern New Mexico. Tags for both Oryx and Ibex are issued on a drawing basis. The deadline to apply for Oryx is early February and Ibex is mid- April.

Landowner permits can be obtained for the Oryx at an additional cost. The Oryx hunts are held from September through March. The ibex, however, are October through February.

Oryx-Several of our guides have extensive experience hunting these species. The Oryx hunts are in gently rolling country with not a lot of physical ability required.

The Ibex, however, inhabit the Florida Mountains which are extremely rough and jagged requiring a lot of physical ability.

We offer these hunts with both muzzleloader and rifle.

Oryx- $2250

Ibex -$4500

Handicap Hunts-

New Mexico offers excellent opportunities for the physically impaired hunter. You must receive doctor certification, and meet at least one of the following criteria: “Permanent restriction to the use of a wheelchair, a walker, two crutches, severe permanent restriction of movement in both arms, or who has a combination of permanent disabilities which cause comparable substantial functional limitation.” We have hosted physically impaired hunters for many years and have earned a reputation for producing top-quality trophies for our clients. These hunts are on a drawing basis with landowner permits available if unsuccessful in the drawing. All handicap hunts are one hunter per one guide. 

Rates: 5 day Elk - $5500; 5 day Mule Deer - $4250; 2 day Antelope - $3500


Youth Hunts-

New Mexico has recently implemented youth-only hunts allowing hunters under 18 years old an exceptional opportunity to hunt trophy elk, mule deer, and antelope. All Youth hunters must have completed a hunter safety course and can be of any age under 18 by the time the hunt takes place. The elk hunt is the first hunt and is in the peak of the rut. The mule deer hunts are the only deer hunts that run into the rut. We offer these hunts with muzzleloader and rifle. Do not overlook these hunts for your kids. These are truly the hunt of a lifetime. These hunts are all guided 1x1.

 Rates: 5 day Elk - $5000; 5 day Mule Deer - $4250; 2 day Antelope - $3500

We provide transportation from the Albuquerque Airport to camp the day before your hunt and back to the airport the day after your hunt for a fee of $300; however, we require that you arrive by noon and depart after 11:00 a.m. to allow adequate time for the three hour trip. Otherwise, each hunter is responsible for their own transportation to camp. For those hunters driving or renting a car, a map will be provided. All transportation during your hunt is provided.

Each hunter is responsible for getting to our lodging. If driving or in a rental car directions will be provided

Please give us a call to start planning your Trophy New Mexico hunt Today!

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