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Premium Iowa Whitetail Outfitter  

At our Premium Iowa Outfitter outfitting is their full time business and their only business. They are a small family run business, with over 20,000 acres of private land! We invite you to come and join us for the ultimate Iowa whitetail hunt. 

Iowa, where dreams are made!

Hunt SW Iowa for giant whitetail you have always dreamed of! At Whitetail Xtreme, LLC we offer semi-guided whitetail hunts in southwest Iowa. Our hunts are reasonably priced and made just to fit your hunting budget. What started as just a couple of friends wanting to find the best hunting spots in the Midwest has grown to be one of the best kept secret hunting clubs in North America.  


2022 Rates

This property is intensely managed this property for 20 years with an incredible outcome that is very sustainable based on his vast QDM practices. This is in Zone 4 with over 20,000 acres of private land. 


Shotgun Hunting  

Shotgun hunting Bag some of the largest monster buck in the lower 48. Choose between 5-day or 7-day shotgun hunts. Food and lodging is provided!  

  • 1st shotgun season is a 5 Day Hunt and starts 1st Saturday in December it is also semi-guided, meals & lodging provided $4,300.00  

  • 2nd shotgun season is a 7 Day Hunt and starts 2nd Saturday in December it is also semi-guided, meals & lodging provided $4,300.00  


Bow Hunting  

Become one with nature and put your archery skills to the test on an amazing hunting adventure in the beautiful Iowa surroundings.  

  • Bow season is between the end of October and end of November, it is a 10 Day Hunt, semi-guided, meals & lodging provided $4,300.00 


Spring Turkey Hunt

 3 day hunt $1,100


Muzzleloader Hunting

Practice your skill and accuracy with one of the muzzeloader hunts. Find the biggest trophy deer that you can dream of!    

  • Late Season Muzzleloader season is a 6 Day Hunt and is December 28- January 10, it is also semi-guided, meals & lodging provided $4,300.00     

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