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Alaska Brown Bear and Combo Hunt

This Alaskan Outfitter conducts trophy Alaska Coastal Brown Bear (Brown/Grizzly) hunts for many years in several excellent hunting areas in southwest Alaska.  Their large hunting concessions literally cover hundreds of square miles of prime wilderness habitat for Brown/Grizzly bears.  These areas offer excellent hunting for Brown/Grizzly bear, as well as an opportunity for other species.  Hunts are conducted from comfortable base and spike camps along river corridors and adjacent hillside ridges. They have been extremely successful on trophy Brown bear and combo hunts.
Alaska Brown Bear

Fall Brown/Grizzly Bear Hunts:  Hunts are conducted during mid-August through early September.  They primarily hunt river corridors where bears are feeding on the last runs of spawning salmon.  This Alaskan Outfitter uses inflatable boats for bear hunts and do short hikes across braided streams to put stalks on trophy Brown bears.  In September, bears transition off the river corridors at the end of salmon runs and move to adjacent hillsides to feed on berry patches before hibernation.  Hunters should plan on doing a lot of glassing from strategic locations along river corridors, with some backpack style hikes across braided rivers and corridor river ridges. These hunts are spot and stalk and ground blind hunts for your trophy Brown bear.  Hunters may upgrade their hunt for a second Brown bear, Moose, Black bear, Wolverine, and Wolf.

Spring Brown/Grizzly Bear Hunts:  Hunts are conducted when bears emerge from hibernation and move to areas where the first sprouts of vegetation occur on south facing mountain and hillsides.  Boars are searching for sows during the spring mating season and start pairing-up. We use inflatable boats for bear hunts and do short hikes across braided streams to put stalks on trophy Brown and Black bears.  These hunts are backpack style hunts, we glass for bears from advantage points along river corridors and hill-side ridges.   Hunts are spot and stalk and ground blind hunts for your trophy Brown bear.  Spring hunts have long daylight hours (18 hours) for glassing and hunting.  The country is very wide open and your able to glass for long distances and spot the trophy bear your after.  Hunters may upgrade their hunt for a second Brown bear and Black bear.
$20,000 per person, 7-days, fully guided (1X1)
$18,000 per person, 7-days, based on two hunters, (2X1) guide service
Non-hunter/Videographer:  $6,000 per person
Second Brown/Grizzly Bear trophy fee:  $10,000
Moose (August 20 - September 25) trophy fee:  $12,500
Black bear trophy fee:  $3,500
Wolverine (September 1 - March 31) trophy fee:  $2,500
Wolf:  No trophy fee
Fall bear hunts:  August 10 - September 3.
Spring bear hunts:  June 1 - 15.

Hunt includes: Professional guide service (1X1) or (2X1), accommodations (heated Arctic Oven tents), all meals (home-made) and beverages, use of equipment, transportation in the field (inflatable boats), trophy field preparation, and transportation to local taxidermist. 

What to bring:  Reminder, leave rifle hard case and travel clothes bag with air transporter.  Packing:  recommend hunters pack personal gear in multiple small waterproof bags for easy transport on small air charter bush planes.
Travel:  Arrival/departure point is Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage, Alaska, where you will be met at the airport.  Clients are responsible for commercial airline travel to/from Anchorage.  Clients are responsible for air charter service (passenger seat and gear) from Anchorage to/from base camp.  This Alaskan Outfitter suggest you arrive 1-2 days prior to your hunt commencing, to purchase Alaska hunting license, Brown/Grizzly bear locking tag, any additional hunting gear or personal items you may need.  They assist clients in coordinating air charter service to/from base camp.  Air charter fees are determined by type of float plane/aircraft (Cessna 206 or DeHavilland Beaver) and length of flight.  Air charter flights have passenger and weight restrictions.  You may not hunt on the same-day-airborne.  For departure schedule, recommend 1-2 days in Anchorage for taxidermy trophy care or expediting trophy from Alaska to taxidermist of your choice.  They recommend purchasing airline tickets with flexible change policies in the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances that may affect your airline travel.
Alaska Hunting License, Game Locking Tags, and Harvest Tickets:  Purchase Alaska hunting license and locking-tags online at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website or purchase upon arrival in Anchorage.  For Nonresident clients, Alaska hunting license: $160 (U.S. nonresident), Brown/Grizzly Bear tag: $1,000, Moose tag:  $800, Black Bear tag:  $450, Wolverine tag: $350, and Wolf:  $60.  For Nonresident Aliens:  Alaska hunting license $630, Brown/Grizzly Bear tag:  $1,300, Moose tag:  $1,000, Black Bear tag:  $600, Wolverine tag: $500, and Wolf:  $100.  Harvest tickets are required for most species (no fees for harvest tickets).

Hunt Does Not Include:  Before and after hunt expenses, commercial airfare, air charter service (passenger seat and personal gear), hotels, Alaska hunting license, game locking-tags, shipping trophy/meat, taxidermy services, and gratuity. 

Travel Insurance.  We highly recommend all our clients purchase travel insurance with trip cancellation, as well as a Global Rescue Membership for medical advisory and evacuation.

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