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  • Whitetail Deer

Bio on this Outfit

My Goal for you is to deliver to you a quality hunt with quality results. I would only shoot trophy deer for myself and assume that is what you would also want. ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio is a Fair chase hunting operation. We are about Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting. Definitely not for the hunter who is looking to shoot small bucks. We manage these deer to be quality sized for big Booners. We are about the entire hunting experience, and believe that fair chase is the only way to go. I have been blessed to be able to do this business full time, and believe me, ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio, is a full time operation.

This allows me the opportunity to work this business full time. I employ two full time guides to help me achieve this. From opening Bow season all the way through the summer months, we are continually working for your next hunt. We manage the deer as well as all of the food plots, year round. Check out our video page for some newly posted videos!! This is not just an income to my family, it is our Lifestyle and our commitment to you as our guest. ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio is and always will be a family run business and we all work together to make things happen. I am as passionate about these deer as I am your hunt. I myself have been hunting this area since I was a small boy. I know these areas like the back of my hand.

Since we have been in operation , we have taken several Pope and Young deer, as well as several Boone and Crockett! I will do everything in my power to make sure this hunt is what you expect from us. We value every customer and relationship that we have formed through our business, and look forward to meeting those of you that we have not yet met. We generally re book 90% of our current customers here at ClearCreek, so our openings tend to be few. As our current customer , we give you first crack at the next years booking times. That is my promise to you.

We want your entire hunt here to be an overall hunting experience that includes your trophy big Buck!! We believe in Laughing here and enjoying each others company. Make no mistake, We hunt hard here! This is Fair chase hunting we are speaking about. No High Fences here or deer put aside for a favorite hunter. That does not happen here. We are all the same, and my customers get the first and best crack at anything We have. With that said, each year you hunt with us we get to know your likes and dislikes better. That is just something that will naturally work in your advantage. Obviously if we know more about you, we take that into consideration when we prepare for your arrival. I also have slide shows on the other pages of the many big bucks we have taken. But for now, this is to share the friends with you that we have been able to enjoy these past hunting seasons.