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Premium Manitoba Hunting Outfitter

At Our Premium Manitoba Outfitter outfitting is their full time business and their only business. They are a small family run business. We invite you to come and join us for the ultimate Manitoba wilderness hunt.

The spring season starts April 21 and goes until June 15 in 2014.

Since 1994 our goal has been to provide all of our clients with an outstanding level of service that will lead to an unforgettable hunting experience that will last a lifetime. Our dedication, hard work, and commitment to provide the best opportunity to shoot a trophy animal is appreciated by our hunters - many of them return year after year. Although we hunt remote and rugged terrain we can also accommodate hunters that are physically disabled. We have had hunters as young as 12 and as old as 91, their success has been the same as any of our other hunters. Every hunter since 1994 has had the opportunity to harvest a bear.

We are fortunate to be guiding in forests that are rich in game and remote. Most of our animals have never had any previous human contact, allowing them to reach maturity and trophy size. You will come as our guests and as many already have, leave as our friends. We strive to give our hunters the kind of hunting experience that we personally would expect and enjoy. All of our guides have extensive hunting and guiding experience and will do their utmost to ensure you have the best possible hunt. We excel at taking care of the details. From home cooked meals to comfortable beds.

Our hunts are 6 full days of hunting, hunters arrive in Winnipeg, the Sunday before the hunt, and hunt Monday to Saturday, and leave the Sunday after the hunt. Hunts are all inclusive, including travel from Winnipeg International Airport, to and from camp, or meet in Winnipeg if you are driving up. Food, lodging with all amenities, skinning, and care of trophy, and licensed guides.

Boats, motors and gas are included in our bear hunting packages as our lodge is located on the Winnipeg River and there is excellent fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, and Small Mouth Bass. As a hunter your only responsibilities are to shoot straight and enjoy your hunting and fishing. Hunters are also welcome to take one of our ATV'S and come baiting with us as we have over 60 bait stations that need to be re-baited every 3 to 4 days, bait sites are a minimum of 5 miles apart. All hunts are over pre-baited bait sites. We have many more active bait sites than hunters each year, this gives us the opportunity to change bait sites often and only hunt the mature trophy bears. Stands are 14ft high and 14-15 yards from the bait, giving all our hunters, bow or rifle a good look at the animal to ensure that it is of trophy size. We start baiting a full month before our first hunters arrive. We have all the different color phases of bears including blonde, chocolate, and cinnamon. About 15 % – 20 % of the bears we shoot are color phase.

Bear hunt cost for rifle or bow: $3150 plus 5% GST tax and $317 for bear license.

Whitetail Deer archery hunt: $2850 plus 5% GST tax and $317 for deer license

Fall Bear + Deer Archery Combo: $4250 plus 5% GST tax and $317 for each license.

Deer Muzzleloader or Rifle hunt: $3350 plus 5% GST tax and $317 for deer license.

Wolf hunt: $3350 and 5% GST tax and $317 for license.

Non hunters and fishermen: $950 plus 5% GST tax.

Fishing licenses: $32 (approximately)

I am going into my 20th year operating in Manitoba. Every bear hunter over the past 19 years has seen mature bears and had an opportunity to harvest a bear.

My Deer Rifle and Muzzleloader hunters have had a fairly consistent kill rate of about 85% over the years.

My Deer archery camp is located in southwest Manitoba in a archery only area for non-residents. This year we went 2 for 3 and should have been 3 for 3. Since I started guiding deer archery hunters 19 years ago my kill rate has slowly been climbing over the years. I started out at about 25% and would say that over the last few years it is around 50%.

I have not been doing the wolf only hunts for very long so it is hard to give a percentage, although we have done well the last 2 years.

I do the wolf only hunts after deer rifle season so that I have lots of bait to put out, the guts and scraps from the deer we kill during the deer archery, muzzle, and rifle seasons.

I run my wolf only hunts out of my bear camp because it is one of the only areas of Manitoba that you can shoot 2 wolves and a coyote, due to their over-population and the stress they are putting on our moose population. They actually closed our moose season there last year for the first time.

Next year I will be guiding wolf only hunts from November 24– December 14, 2014

Spring bear Season: April 21 – June 16

Fall bear Season: August 25 – October 6

The fall bear season and deer archery seasons are the same so we can offer a fall bear with any weapon and deer archery combo.

The fall bear season and deer muzzleloader season overlap from October 1 – October 6 so we can offer a bear with any weapon and a deer muzzleloader combo hunt, that week only.

Deer Muzzleloader Season: October 1 – November 9

Deer Rifle Season: November 10 – 23

I have more bear tags to fill each year as I have the largest bear territory in Manitoba and the most non - resident licenses to sell. We do a great job for our clients and they will tell their friends, and I have had 1 bear hunter hunt with me 17 times. Deer hunters are always wanting to return. to kill another buck, therefore we are usually completely booked on or Deer hunts I do have deer archery hunts available most years and would like to sell more combo hunts as I have done great with them in the past, and they help sell bear hunts.

In Manitoba you are allowed to shoot 1 wolf and 1 coyote while bear hunting, as long as you shoot the wolf or coyote first. Every year we have a couple people that shoot a wolf or coyote as well as their bear.

It helps to sell bear hunts when hunters know they have a chance at a wolf and a coyote while on their bear hunt in Manitoba. They can only shoot the wolf and coyote during the fall seasons.