• Whitetail Buck

Bio on this Outfit

Through years of trial and error, Our Kansas Carter has developed about every kind of habitat imaginable. A natural delta, much of the island is natural marshes, which Carter can pump during dry years. Between fall rains and the pumps, much of the lush crop lands of corn, Milo, and soybeans are also flooded about the time when the first flock of migrants hit the area. But the operation's trademark is the 2500 acres of prime flooded hardwoods and flooded grain fields that are strategically located for successful white tail hunting, and water fowling.

Our Kansas outfitter's family has had waterfowl leases since the early 1900s and has provided a guide service to hunters since 1986.

"The famous Kansas Whitetail"

Kansas Trophy Whitetail hunts: $3500 for 5 day semi-guided hunt, no fines or trophy fees. Lodging

Lodging on site sold separate $100 minimum/$50 per head will sleep up to 10.

Booking is made by placing a 50% deposit that is ABSOLUTELY NONREFUNDABLE remaining balance is due upon arrival.

Fee doesn't include licensing or gratuity. Please go to kdwp.com for licensing info.