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Premium 5 Star Colorado Elk & Mule Deer Hunting Outfitter

At The Harteis Ranch -World Class Outfitting is our reputation, and outfitting is their only business. They are a small family run business with the best Elk & Mule Deer Hunting available!. We invite you to come and join us for the ultimate Colorado hunt.

Limited Hunts available- on a First come First serve Basis

Harteis Ranch Hunts:

200 class Mule deer Hunt: 2014

(1 hunt available)

8/30/2015 -9/4/2015 - Archery 200 class free ranger Mule deer Hunt. All inclusive Airport Pick up, Hunting License, Voucher, Hunt, lodging, catered meals, 1 on 1 guide service, cape trophy, quartering meat.

Harvest 200 class trophy - $20,000.00
Deposit: $10,000

The Harteis Ranch and Properties have many incredible hunting excursions to fit your desires and budget. We are proud to announce 2 types of experiences for you and your hunting party. We have the Harteis Ranch Experience where you have a high end all inclusive hunt for some of the best elk and mule deer free range in the country. The second option is the Hollywood Hunter Hunts where we have a much more cost effective hunt with bull elk ranging from the 250-340 class range. These are both great experiences and we want you to find which one fits best for your hunting style and budget.

Pricing: Harteis Ranch Hunts

• Any method = $12,500.00/per hunter

• Bucks up to 180 inches = $8,000.00
• Bucks 181 to 199 inches = $15,000.00
• Bucks 200 and up = $20,000.00

  Bull elk hunts from the 250-340 class range.

We have access to an additional 5000 acres as we work with another Excellent Outfitter on these hunts. These are low pressure great bull elk hunts! These hunts consist of a second level opportunity for group or individual hunts.
• Nice 3 bedroom housing 
• Guides cooking for clients 
• 2x1 guide service 
• Cape and quarter of trophy 
• Dropping off meat at processor 
• Delivery of trophy to preferred taxidermist

One flat fee for any side trophy bull you harvest = $5,500.00 per person

Elk Hunts on the Harteis Ranch Available in Limited Qty.

Details at: Harteis Ranch

Freddy Harteis focuses on the absolute Best hunts available. 

It’s been 3 years in a row I have been blessed to kill a 203, 207, and now a 200 2/8. I am Willing to give a client a chance to kill one on our place in 2015.

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