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Premium Colorado Hunting Outfitter

At Our Premium Colorado Outfitter outfitting is their full time business and their only business. They are a small family run business. We invite you to come and join us for the ultimate Colorado wilderness hunt.

Our Colorado Outfitter has a variety of options, listed below are the details: They can tailor hunts to what you are interested in. Their permitted hunting area encompasses 100 square miles and is located in Management unit 33 on the White River National Forest, and they are members of the Colorado Outfitters Association.

2014 Hunting Seasons: (2015 dates are not available yet but they will be comparable dates. Keep checking the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website:

* Archery - August 30th to September 28th Deer & Elk

* Muzzle - Sept 13th to 21st Deer & Elk

* 1st Rifle - Oct 11th to 15th Elk only

* 2nd Rifle - Oct 18th - 26th Deer & Elk

* 3rd Rifle - Nov 1st to 9th Deer & Elk

* 4th Rifle - Nov 12th to 16th Deer & Elk

Bear season -corresponds with all the above.

You have to go through the draw process for all tags except for two. You can purchase a bull elk tag over the counter during the 2nd and 3rd Rifle seasons. All other tags require you to go through the draw. Most tags are not difficult to get even with 0 preference points. The exception is out of state muzzle loader tags which took 9 points to get last year. The draw is held the first Tuesday in April. You can draw tags as a group so either everyone gets a tag or not.

Just so you are comfortable with our process, we use a contract to outline everything you must do and that we commit to doing. We can also send you references of hunters and guides for you to speak to about our packages.


* Bull elk or either sex elk tags for out of state hunters will cost $586 per person. A cow only tag will cost $351 per person. Mule deer tags, buck or doe, are also $351 per person. Bear are $351.

* Our hunts can be done from the lodge where you stay in our cabins or from our drop camps which are fully equipped high wall tents. Your hunts can be guided or non-guided. The majority of our hunts are on public land but we do have 900 acres of private land available for a ranch based hunt as well. I will go over these options below. Archery hunts include 6 days of hunting and rifle hunts are 5 days of hunting. Ranch based hunts include your lodging, all meals, and the appropriate hunting support. Drop camps include your last night lodging at the ranch, getting the hunters and their gear into and out of the camps, getting harvested game from the camp back to the ranch, and appropriate hunting support. Guided hunts include pack-out service.

* Ranch based hunts are $1,950 per person for non-guided, $3,100 per person for guided hunt (2 hunters per guide), and $2,950 per person for semi-guided hunts (up to 4 hunters per guide). Semi-guided hunts are normally an option during the rifle seasons.

* Drop camp hunts are $1,800 per person for non-guided and $3,400 per person for guided hunts.

* Hunts on our private property are $3,600 per person and are ranch based, guided hunts only.

* Pack out service for non-guided hunts are $350 for a bull elk, , and $250 for a mule deer.v * We offer a 10% discount for groups of 5 or more and for youth hunters.

* Non-hunter rates:

Lodging - $50 per night

Meals - $41 per day (include breakfast, lunch and dinner) the prices include drinks and desserts and are served family style all you can eat).


* Our hunters staying at the ranch will be in our cabins. Each cabin is 1 to 3 bedrooms, has a sitting area with couch & chairs, fireplace (all but our largest), heat, private bathroom with shower, and a front porch overlooking the lake and mountains. Meals are served in our lodge dining room with breakfasts made to order and other meals are set menus. If you are hunting all day then we will pack a lunch for you.

* Your group would have your own cabins so you are not sharing with other parties.

* Drop camps are fully equipped high wall tents. We provide the tents, cots, chairs, lanterns, cooking gear, heating &/or cooking stoves, latrines, and chopped firewood. Groups of 3 or more will be in their own camp. Food is not included in drop camps although we can purchase food for you for a small fee. Your last night when you come out of the drop camp will be in a cabin.

* You can reserve additional nights at the ranch if needed. Many groups come in a night or two early to acclimate to the altitude, do some scouting, and prepare. There is a daily rate for the cabins and meals that are outside of the package.

Hunting Areas

* The unique thing about our area is that we can accommodate all types of hunting abilities. We do have hunts that do not require much walking and you can certainly hunt all day. Some of the options vary by the time of year and type of hunt you enjoy. We will work with each hunter to sort out the best type of hunt for them.

* Our hunting area ranges from 7000 feet to 9200 feet. There are vast meadows with stands of aspen on top with drainages including aspen and dark timber all the way down.

* Another option to consider for some of the guys who do not walk well is our long range hunting. We have the ability to glass areas and using our weapons take shots up to 800 yards. Our longest shot this past fall was a mule deer buck at over 800 yards.