• Polar Bear
  • Greenland Muskox
  • Barren-Ground Muskox
  • Arctic Islands Caribou
  • Atlantic Walrus
  • Barren-Ground Grizzly
  • Arctic Wolf

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Polar Bear - 2016 and 2017

Nunavut Territory, Canada


  • $35,950 to $39,950 USD - 10 days 1X1 guided hunt. (Spring Hunt)

  • $39,450 to $47,950 USD - 10 days 1X1 guided hunt. (Late Summer - Early Fall Hunt)

  • Combination Polar Bear & Atlantic Walrus $48,450 to $57,450 USD (Late Summer - Early Fall Hunt)

  • $3,950 for the addition of a Caribou from August 15 to September 15

  • $8,450 USD - Non-hunting companion with guide and transportation.


March 1 to May 31 (Spring Hunt) Exact starting dates are negotiable with Arctic air travel flight schedules taken into consideration, and are covered in each client's hunting contract.
August 1 to the first week of November (Late Summer - Early Fall Hunt)

INTRODUCTION & HUNT LOCATION: Canada North Outfitting is the longest operating outfitter in Nunavut offering the very finest in polar bear, muskox, Central Canada barren-ground caribou, Arctic Islands caribou, barren-ground grizzly and Atlantic walrus hunts. Canada North pioneered polar bear hunting in the High Arctic in 1981 and has maintained virtually a 100% hunting success rate throughout its operation. You will experience breathtaking vistas in a pristine Arctic environment while immersed in an Inuit culture that has evolved over 4,000 years. Hunting is carried out on the sea ice in prime areas that may be up to 160 kilometers from any one of our Inuit communities. Mobile tent camps are set up nightly after each day’s hunting activities. All hunts are of 10 days duration and based on a 2 X 1 guide to hunter ratio (one guide and dog team with one assistant guide to one hunter). The hunt ends when a polar bear is harvested, even if this happens in the first day or two.

Recent environment Canada reports state that the Canadian Arctic region is home to over 16,500 polar bears, consisting two thirds of the world’s population in Nunavut alone. Canada is a proven world leader in the management, research, monitoring and conservation of polar bears. Since 1970’s, the polar bear population in Canada has actually increased throughout most of its range due to sound government management policies. Polar bear are long lived wide ranging carnivores with Ringed seals as their primary food source.

Canada’s immediate and long-term management strategy is designed to respond to the full scope of threats that could affect polar bear and their conservation, including climate change. A sustainable sex selective harvest management plan is implemented through agreements and quotas based on scientific research and consultation with local Inuit and government authorities. Polar bear management has been in place throughout Canada’s Arctic region since the 1970ʼs.

Harvest quotas are based on the principles of conservation and aboriginal subsistence hunting, and are NOT market-driven. The actual number of polar bears harvested by Inuit hunters is often less than the government’s established quotas while the highly regulated non-Inuit recreational hunting quota represents only a small fraction of the overall harvest.

TRAVEL ITINERARY: Canada North Outfitting will provide complete round trip travel itineraries from the Canadian gateway city to the Arctic destination where the hunt takes place. Clients benefit from our preferred airfare rates that range from 30% to 60% in savings.

DEPOSIT AND BALANCE OF PAYMENT: A 40% deposit of the package price is required within 7 business days to confirm a booking. The balance of payment as indicated on your invoice must be received in our administrative office no later than 60 days prior to the departure date of your hunt. Payments can be made by check or bank wire transfer to Canada North Outfitting.


All payments made to Canada North Outfitting are non refundable. However, arrangements can be made for your payments to be used by a replacement hunter of your choosing.


  • The services of an experienced Inuit polar bear guide with a dog team throughout the duration of the hunt; assistant guide with snowmobile and field preparation of the trophy.
  • All ground transportation from the village to the hunting area.
  • The cost for a non-hunting companion includes all items as above except that he/she will have only one guide and transport will be on sled drawn by snowmobile unless otherwise arranged.

Cost Excludes:

  • All travel arrangements from the client's home to the commercial airport at the pre-arranged Inuit community; Harvest license, tag and species authorization surcharge fees;
  • Gratuities to guides;
  • Canadian Firearms Import License at a cost of $25 CAD issued by Canada Customs upon entering Canada; General Administration Fee of $165 USD;
  • Arctic Flight Booking Fee of $245 USD (includes a one-time itinerary change); Arctic Wildlife Research Fund of $250 USD;
  • Sleeping bag, personal clothing and toiletries;
  • Archery equipment, guns and ammunition;
  • Excess airline baggage fees;
  • Packing and shipping of the trophy; taxidermy fees;
  • Cancellation and trip interruption insurance;
  • Visitor to Canada Health or Medical Emergency Insurance;
  • Federal and Provincial Government sales taxes wherever applicable;
  • Note: There is a 50% refund on the 5% Federal Goods and Services Sales tax (GST) to foreign non-residents of Canada applicable only on the hunt cost.
  • < Hotel and meals in the gateway city or any Inuit community before and after the hunt; /li>
  • Any additional hotel costs and meals due to delays caused by flight cancellations or delays due to any reason in surface transfers to camps by boat, snowmobile or any other conveyance that are beyond the control of Canada North Outfitting and its associates;
  • Rental of down filled parkas and bib overalls $450 USD;
  • Rental of a scoped firearm that has been sighted in several days prior to the hunt $450 USD;
  • Bank wire fees - A one-time fee of $40 USD will be applied to your invoice at time of booking if this method of payment is selected.

HARVEST LICENSE & TAG FEES: The Government of Nunavut fees for a foreign non-resident harvest license and tags are as follows:

Harvesting License $ 63.00 Polar Bear Tag $1,312.50

Nunavut wildlife export permits are free and issued once the harvested animal is registered at the local wildlife office. Polar bear hides and skulls will be shipped to a taxidermist of your choosing within several weeks of your departure. Only Canadian citizens living within Canada can return home with their polar bear hide and skull as excess baggage. Government fees are subject to change without notice.

POLAR BEAR TAG: In the event that Canada North Outfitting cannot obtain a tag for the client to hunt polar bear in the year that was booked, then all monies paid to Canada North Outfitting will be fully reimbursed. Another option would be to roll over the monies collected as a deposit towards a different year with price adjustments if applicable.

SEAL HUNTING: Seal hunting may be possible. You must advise Canada North Outfitting of your interest to hunt seals prior to the hunt. Hunting of seals during or after a Polar Bear hunt however, is considered an “add on” and your hunt for Polar Bear is the priority. The price for hunting seal is arranged between the client and his guide. The client must also obtain a seal license for $5 CAD at the wildlife office. However, sealskins or any by-product thereof are not importable into the United States or Mexico. Clients from other international destinations are responsible to check the importation laws of their own country.

TROPHY SHIPMENT: We can recommend any number of Canadian taxidermists.

SPECIAL NOTE REPEAT HUNT: In the event that a polar bear is not taken during the scheduled 10 day hunt, the client has the option of returning for another 10 day hunt before May 31, 2016 which is the end of the prime season. The cost of this repeat hunt is negotiated by Canada North Outfitting with the individual guide and written into the client contract. The cost of a repeat hunt is currently $19,950 USD plus tax.