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Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips

This is the world's top company for Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trips. World Class luxury and all the Peacock Bass you can catch all in one trip.

Our Adventure Outfitter offers the unmatched combination of the Amazon's finest luxury yachts, American-designed, custom-made bass boats, and the most knowledgeable Amazon Peacock Bass guides in Brazil for the most enjoyable Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trips possible.

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips

For your Brazil destination, come join us aboard the Amazon Santana or Belle Amazon, the gold standard for Amazon luxury yachts! The Santana fleet serves as your base of operations for an unforgettable, week-long fishing adventure to Brazil's Amazon tributaries. Due to changing water levels, "MOBILITY" is the key to reaching these remote locations for Trophy Fish.

A World Class Adventure

There's one thing for sure - whether it be fighting a Monster Peacock Bass with its Tackle-Busting, Top-Water Action, or battling the world-renowned Giant Amazon Catfish, you'll be anxious to return to the rivers of the Amazon for yet another round in the hunt for these hard-hitting fish! Our customers will tell you that we are the top choice for Amazon River Tours and Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trips.

Our yachts are not only the perfect home base for your rainforest experience, but our staff will provide you with unparalleled service and will strive to make your vacation an enjoyable and memorable one. Our Amazon peacock bass fishing trips are an experience to remember and post to your favorite social media site, like Facebook or Twitter. Take a journey into the heart of the rainforest with our ADVENTURE OUTFITTER and experience your "TRIP OF A LIFETIME"!