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  • Moose
  • Caribou
  • Stone sheep
  • Mountain Goat
  • Grizzly
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Premium Alberta & Northern British Columbia Outfitter

At Our Premium Alberta & Northern British Columbia Outfitter outfitting is their full time business. They are extremely focused on your success. We invite you to come and join us for the ultimate wilderness hunt in Alberta or Northern British Columbia.

Whitetail in Alberta or Northern British Columbia

$5950 plus license $550, and tax 5% $325
Tax. You can apply for refund via Gov after the hunt.
This applies for Alberta and for BC

Moose, Caribou, or Goat hunt
plus hunting license $190
Plus species license moose, caribou or goat $520
Goabc conservation fund $150
Charter flight into the area $1,680
plus 5%tax
2nd animal is $4,500 trophy fee.

Or book a 2 species hunt for $15,900 up front.
(no refund if they do not get 2nd animal)
Getting a second animal is a reasonable expectation.

Grizzly is $12,900 plus license $1,050 plus Government royalty fee after kill, $1,050 plus trophy fee of $8,000 and Goabc fee $150.

Or, Client can buy Grizzly license with a moose, caribou, or Goat hunt, and then pay a trophy fee of $8,000 for Grizzly and royalty fee $1,050.

Wolf is included in all the hunts at no extra charge.

In 2013 We had a great success in BC and in Alberta.

In Northern British Columbia -Our area is located in the Cassiar Mountains and it has produced trophy animals of all species. It is the most remote area in BC. There are little to no resident hunters. There is no vehicle access to the area. Closest road is approx. 100miles away.

This is a fly in area. Clients fly to the main camp. They get licenses and then get ready to leave for the area where they will be hunting for their booked animals.

Sheep Mountain Goat Moose Mountain Caribou Grizzly Wolf

Our Stone Sheep are the sought after dark color phase. They are the most prized trophy hunts we offer.

Please remember your success for Stone Sheep and Mountain Goat is dependent upon your physical condition and your shooting ability.

We are also know for the Trophy Moose, Mountain Caribou and Mountain Goat.

1. -one guide, one hunter
2. -mixed bag opportunity

Stone Sheep-Season- ( Approx. )

July 31 - August 16/14
August 16 - August 30/14
August 30 - September 15/14

Moose-Mountain Caribou and Mountain Goat- Grizzly Season- ( Approx. )

August 30 - September 10/14
September 11 - September 21/14
September 21 - October 2/14
October 2 - October 12/14

Rut hunts- ( Dates Approx. )

6 Days Hunting:

November 3/14 – November 9/14
November 10/14 – November 16/14
November 17/14 – November 23/14
November 24/14 – November 29/14

More hunt dates may be added, ( 2015 Dates should be Similar ).

Advance Booking- $600.00 (US funds) per additional day
Booking on site- $800.00 (US funds) per additional day

Hunt Pricing:

Whitetail Hunt

$5950 plus license $550, and tax 5% $325 Tax.
You can apply for refund via Government after the hunt.

All hunts include: meals, lodging & Guides. Wolf and coyote hunting included with each hunt.

* NOT INCLUDED: Licenses tags, allocations and taxes.


Air Fare – Round trip to Edmonton Alberta - * some suggestions for price comparison

Tips for guide ($300 - $800) – your discretion -- it is customary to tip guides

2 nights in Hotel rooms - ~$90.00 Canadian each night .(travel nights only)

Gun, Ammo, and equipment to be used on hunt (suggested list included in packet)

~$40.00 Canadian for Canadian Fire Arms Temporary Registration unless you have a PAL issued by the Canadian Gov.

Possible Freight Charge for Shipping of Antlers / Cape.

Antlers & Cape are usually taken by the hunter on the plane as baggage. Depending on the amount of baggage you have.
We also suggest that you consider travel canc. insurance, deposits and hunt funds are non-refundable. Please give us a call to start planning your Alberta or Northern British Columbia Adventure!